Year Of The Funeral

by The Dead See

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Karen McTavish
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Karen McTavish Year of the Funeral is one of the greatest albums I've heard this year. Dark Knight of the Soul is haunting. Favorite track: Dark Night Of The Soul.
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released September 21, 2009



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The Dead See Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Gone From My Sight
Everyone is running
to get to the same place
But how you live is how you will die
Everyone is pushing
to end the same way
I would rather live before I expire

Gone from my sight
you remain
forever unchanged

Part of who I am and want to be
Part of the All, eternally

Inside this shell resides an endless sky
Within the dust
there shines unending light
The smallest stone reveals a universe
Locked within a static plane
Drawn to the fire that burns forever

Removed but not erased
Passing from life to life
Track Name: Sheol
These wounds that will not heal
become a monument
A burial stone
for what we were
These broken vows consume
all hope for peace
Fighting against the tide,
awaiting lifeless dawn

I am an open sore bleeding on your world
I am a heartless vulture in your eyes

Again I lose trying to reach out
burning myself hoping for solace

I am another leper outside your city walls
I am another beggar outside your door

I gave it all and again I lose
I’ve got my hand out
and you push it away
I’ve got my hand out
you never take it
I don’t know what else
I’m supposed to do

I am tired of pushing,
I’m tired of trying,
so sick of worry,
I’ll end it all

I have done all I have for your love
but fear has won.
Track Name: Abandon All Hope
Staring into black,
I don’t know what will come
Day bleeds into night
wandering what’s beyond

What we do to stay alive
is not the same as living
The living are blind,
I’d rather die than survive

Wrapped in darkness,
descending into the void
Cold hands cradle shards of broken light
Eons implode, locked in cyclical demise
Eyes forever open gazing into night

The air is getting thin
these walls are closing in

From here the sun is just a star
One million light years away
I am closing the door
Away from this world

All this time I thought I knew the answers
Seeing only what they taught me to
Now I see the road you laid before me
Now all that I have has come undone
Track Name: Through The Black Gate
I’m back on my knees,
haunted and burdened
wasted and lonely
Wanting for anything
but this heartless misery

I’m begging for my grave,
jaded but grieving,
fading to nothing
Wishing like anything,
I could erase my memory

Cursed with your misery

Touching the fire makes me feel pure,
but it leaves my hands
black and dirty again

Write these words upon my grave,
‘cause I can’t take this anymore
Write these words into stone,
“I never lived here anyway”
Track Name: Silence For The Damned
Death is not the end
it is a door
Heaven is with you
and hell is without

The life that we held
crumbles into dust
Silence for the damned
and nothing before
‘Cause heaven was with her,
now hell is on earth

Once you see the truth
it could complete you
And once you know the truth
it could destroy you

This world will spoil
like a corpse
buried deep within the stone
The shield we carry all our lives
we lay down in death

Cut from the womb,
burned alive
Our eyes bleed fire

Life crumbles into dust
Track Name: Dark Night Of The Soul
My heart is black,
no sense of time
No turning back
I’ve lost it all

Toward the light
I lift my eyes
But darkness reigns
over my soul

Losing hope, stuck in this,
spiraling down, crushing all

Doubt grips the air from my lungs,
fear is taking my mind
I am crawling blind
through endless night
Hate rips the hope from my heart,
You are taking my life
I am lost and waiting for a sign

Chaos has birthed in me
I have become my worst fear
Chaos has birthed in you
You have become my foe

Destruction, Disorder, Disarray, Desire
Track Name: Hearts Of Bone
Still I crawl through your hell
yet I come unashamed

Souls of Black
Hands like stone
The two of us
Hearts of Bone

I am alone no sign of you,
cold to the bone and empty
Nothing inside me,
means nothing left to lose
Track Name: Buried At The Center Of The Earth
Far too long
each breath has brought pain
All these years with no light
and nothing gained
Dreams become ghosts,
visions fade, hearts decay
Time is gone, open eyes,
walk through flame

Miles from the light buried inside
Stretching for years of sadness and pain
Miles from the light, spanning a lifetime
Holding the darkness deeper inside

Was this life meant for pain
Born in fire to burn aflame

Here lies the root of our demise
Unspoken truths that give birth to lies
Feeding your guilt closing your eyes
Break down the walls
that keep you inside
Set me free

I have lost the will to move on
Heart like a graveyard
Soul of an empty tomb
I must leave this all behind
Mind like a headstone
Spirit of the Abyss
This is the hour that love dies
Feel the hate burn inside
Track Name: Ascension
I have found a room
deep inside the earth
Where they keep the lost ones,
the dead ones
Overflow of the graveyards,
brave soldiers, holy saints
Victims of Plagues,
both rich and poor

I have passed the arches,
the pillars of skulls
Beauty in decay, art from death
Hidden from the sun,
built from remains
Brothers and Sisters,
Mothers and Fathers

I have seen the walking dead
Lost like children
in the heart of a graveyard
I have seen the broken souls
comforted only by their loss
I have heard
their useless cries in the night

I have seen the monstrance
and the cup full of blood
Eternal life through eternal death
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Exonerated and anonymous

Purify me that I might see
All that is offered
and what is to be
Grant me wisdom
and give me sight
That I might know your paths
into the light.